Summer, 2013

I’m out pruning tomatoes in the tail end of July. Lots of compost means excess leaves I hack off to bring light to maturing fruit, and I’m thinking of editing my novel – chiseling away all the extra language so the essence can shine. And now as I slice open a ripe tomato, surprised by its foreign interior, the chambers, the viscid fluid holding seed in suspension, not quite spilling onto the plate, I reread the poems for this issue, admire the starkness, how a poem holds nothing in excess, its scaffolding in clear view, how this bareness can make us reexamine the most common thing and see the miraculous.

Patrick Loafman

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One Response to Summer, 2013

  1. Sally Albiso says:


    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your introduction is. And you included a free verse sonnet in this issue! Sally

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